Tripp Lite BP240V787C-1PH

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Tripp Lite BP240V787C-1PH

Внешний блок батарей для систем ИПБ


Tripp Lite's BP240V787C-1PH External Battery Pack with built-in 7A charger offers extended battery runtime when used in conjunction with compatible Tripp Lite UPS systems. Includes heavy gauge cabling to connect to host UPS. Multiple BP240V787C-1PH batteries can be daisy-chained for longer runtime configurations with appropriate contractor-supplied battery pack interconnection cabling (see manual). Internal battery charger is powered via hardwire connection to 120V 30A electrical service.

COMPATIBLE UPS SYSTEMS: SU5000RT3U, SU5000RT3UHV, SU6000RT3U, SU6000RT3UHV, SU8000RT3U, SU8000RT3U1TF, SU10KRT3U, SU10KRT3UHV, SU10000RT3U, SU10000RT3U2TF and other Tripp Lite UPS systems specifying the use of this battery pack

Ключевые функции

  • Offers extended-run UPS operation when used in conjunction with compatible Tripp Lite UPS systems
  • 10 year design life
  • Multiple battery packs can be daisy-chained through each other to the UPS for even longer extended run operation
  • Cabling to connect one BP240V787C-1PH is included - cabling for additional battery packs is contractor supplied
  • Includes built-in 7A charger powered via hardwire 120VAC 30A input connection
  • 1 year warranty


Продление времени работы от батарейMultiple battery packs can be daisy-chained to the UPS for extended runtime. Configuration specific cabling for multi-battery pack configurations is contractor provided.
Системное напряжение постоянного тока (В)240
Подключение к ИБП посредствомIncluded cabling enables connection between unique UPS connector and hardwire DC terminals in battery pack. Cabling to connect multiple external battery packs is contractor provided.
Масса брутто (фунты)1920
Масса брутто (кг)871.7
Габаритные размеры прибора (ВхШхГ, дюйм)60 x 32.4 x 28.8
Габаритные размеры прибора (ВхШхГ, см)152.4 x 82.3 x 73.2
Габаритные размеры в упаковке (ВхШхГ, дюйм)63 x 37 x 36
Габаритные размеры в упаковке (ВхШхГ, см)160 x 94 x 91.4
Масса прибора (фунты)1850
Масса прибора (кг)840
Материал конструкцииSteel
Поддерживаемые форм-факторыTower
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